23 Things are Go!

Cam23 is officially underway, and in my excitement I’m jumping the gun by blogging about Thing 1: iGoogle. I confess that I adore iGoogle. It panders to my childish side with entertaining widgets, to my visual appetite with colour and images, and to my inner control freak by allowing me to reorder my page elements with click-and-drag ease.

iGoogle page

Here’s my home tab, which has RSS feeds that keep me up to date with UL and Cambridge University news. It also reminds me what month it is and lets me know what I should be wearing (assuming I remember to look at the Weather tab). For pure enjoyment there’s an XKCD feed and a nod towards my secret life as a penguin, which happens in the dark outside working hours …

I also have to confess that I love my iGoogle as it is, and so I’ve already deviated from Cam23 instructions by not adding the COPAC widget. In a hasty bid to regain the moral high ground I explored the ‘optional extra’ suggestion of looking at other start pages, and this has really piqued my interest in their potential for libraries. The Unquiet Library at Creekwater High School, which boasts a seriously trendsetting librarian, has a really appealing homepage hosted on Netvibes. It’s colourful, dynamic, and user-friendly, with information presented in clearly delineated chunks.

Closer to home, thanks to Darren Bevin for letting me know about the Lewy Library’s Philosophy@Cambridge page, also on Netvibes. It’s fantastic to see a range of citation tools being made available, and the ‘Journals – latest issues’ tab is droolworthy. Looking at this page makes me feel libraries are truly moving forward into the 21st century.

Lewy Library netvibes page

6 comments so far

  1. Libreaction on

    How many Weetabix did you have this morning?! Great to read an upbeat post. Unfortunately your wilful deviation from the instructions means you have lost your right to a voucher which is a great shame ;)

  2. liwazi on

    Do you mind to share other 3 screen dumps of your igoogle? :-D and do you know where I can find #cam23 participants’ blogs?

  3. liwazi on

    That’s an interesting read. I have an igoogle packed with my calendar marked with my meetings and some duties, my to-do list and other work-related stuff. I do not have any entertaining stuff like ‘feeding hamster’. Well, like you, I do not add the COPAC widget. Shhhh~
    Do you mind to share other 3 screen dumps of your igoogle? :-D and do you know where I can find #cam23 participants’ blogs?

  4. TraineeMermaid on

    Hi – liked the iGoogle thing. While the Unquiet Librarian stuff would be too busy for me I think it looks fantastic for bringing matter together.
    How did you get that UL news thing into your iGoogle page?

    • librariangoddess on

      Unquiet Library is in a school, so I think the netvibes page is well designed for its audience … there’s certainly a lot going on : )

      The UL news feed is available via RSS from http://www.lib.cam.ac.uk/ – just click the RSS button in the top right, next to ‘News’!

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