And another Thing

Thing 2 involves exploring RSS feeds, which of course is just another excuse for me to play with iGoogle. In this instance, it allows me to separate my feeds out into different tabs, which means I get a snapshot overview of what’s going on in a particular sphere of interest. Plus I get to have a different image and colourway for each tab, which is the fun bit.

Lottie over at Adventures of a Blogging Trainee Librarian comments that the tab function is “the perfect solution for people who like to compartmentalise their lives” – and I suspect I am that person. (Only now that I’m about to expose them to the indifferent gaze of the world do I realise how much time it’s possible to spend agonising over which photo theme best reflects each facet of my life.)

As well as the stuff on my home tab, I have three further tabs devoted to different kinds of RSS feed. Here’s the start of the ‘Libraries’ tab:

igoogle page

And here’s the more techie stuff that I like to drop into conversation occasionally so it sounds as though I understand it:

iGoogle page

But the jewel in the crown is of course …

igoogle page

Currently rather sparse, I’m expecting the Cam23 page to fill out rapidly next week when other Thingers start blogging. I’m already really enjoying reading what people make of Things 1 and 2, and can’t wait to add some more feeds to this tab : )

Oh, and everyone should check out The Passion and the Fury posting about 23 Things and her coffee machine …

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  1. Jolly Mermaid on

    This is really encouraging stuff, Ms Mongoose, I will get started ….

  2. libreaction on

    You are the Queen of Compartmentalisation and I claim my £5.

    • librariangoddess on

      So first I forfeit my £10 voucher and now I owe you a fiver? Upbeat blog posts may be a thing of the past ;-)

  3. Lottiemsmith on

    Very interesting Ms Mongoose, I do see the benefits to the tabbing. Thanks for the mention btw :)

  4. TraineeMermaid on

    Not sure I am quite “getting” iGoogle. It will be useful to have all the feeds from the blogs coming in to my nice Cam 23 tab once we all get going, but in the meantime I feel I have switched from my nice clean Google search box to creating a home page which replicates what I have in my bookmarks anyway … or is iGoogle something for people who are more visually inclined and don’t want to fiddle with bookmarks? Or maybe Google wants to know what we are interested in?

  5. Lynne on

    Ahh getting inspired to play with igoogle again. Especially with all the different apps you have mentioned. I think I will try and find a quiet half hour next week to refresh mine which has grown a bit stale. Unfortunately used it a bit less since I moved twitter and facebook feeds into Hootsuite (Twitter apps tended to break a lot in igoogle in my experience)

  6. TraineeMermaid on

    Ah, Ms Mongoose, you fall within my realm of supervision. Expect regular deliveries of broken combs, magic daggers and the occasional drowned sailor (that’s after I get really mad). Just off to stroke my toad.

  7. […] my iGoogle page and changed the themes on each of my tabs (a tip I gratefully picked up from Ms Mongoose’s blog)… check out the turtles on my CILIP tab, in ‘real’ life their little legs are […]

  8. TraineeMermaid on

    Just noticed you’ve got the same iGoogle “Cambridge” image as I found, and there was me thinking I’d found it first …!

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