Aha, Thing #3, here I come. Rather slowly, mind you, because (a) I’m a only a beginner-blogger, and (b) after Friday’s 5-hour drop-in session I’m displaying a tendency to confuse Blogger and WordPress …

I’ve been finding it quite interesting switching between the two blog applications. Although the Cam23 blog is hosted on Blogger, I decided on WordPress for my mongoose existence because I liked Libreaction‘s blog layout.

My immediate reaction to Blogger was awe at the extreme simplicity of setting up a blog. If you already have a Google ID, it’s such a quick process that there’s almost a banana-skin feeling about landing on the screen that congratulates you on having set up your blog. ‘Simples’ isn’t in it.

Adding co-authors to the Cam23 blog was also pretty simples, as was adding widgets and reorganising the layout. When it came to aesthetics, however, I was a bit taken aback at how few options there were for page appearance and layout. WordPress definitely scores here, with much more choice and some really attractive themes. In comparison Blogger’s templates seem a bit clunky (although I do like the ‘dots’ ones!).

Spot the terminology clash … KTLib had to save me several times at the drop-in session as I blithely advised Blogger users to look for the ‘themes’ button in the left-hand navigation bar. Um, that’ll be the ‘templates’ link in the vertical menu bar, Ms Mongoose. Time for more coffee (or a tasty snake).

Edit: the wonderful beauty_school_dropout has a great post about using Blogger in draft’s template designer to improve on the standard templates. Who needs a tinting class anyway?

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  1. Ange Fitzpatrick on

    I’ve just posted my Blogger beauty secrets, it’s all out there, but it’s not easy to find:

    • librariangoddess on

      You are magic :) I’ve edited the main post so no-one can miss it!

      • Ange Fitzpatrick on

        Ta, Ms Mongoose.

        That’s going to stick you know, the Mongoose thing, it will. We’ll be calling you Ms Mongoose forever!

        • librariangoddess on

          Hurrah! Can’t think of anything I’d rather be called … Except Dr. Mongoose maybe? :)

  2. TraineeMermaid on

    You’re doing fine, Ms Mongoose, Blogpress, whatever …

  3. Ange Fitzpatrick on

    Aaargh, apologies Dr Mongoose. Entirely the fault of Mr Libreaction, who referred to you thus in the first place. Make no mistake, fingers will be wagged!

    Ms Dropout

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