Use libraries …

"Use libraries and learn stuff" poster

This is my top favourite poster at the moment (and maybe of all time). It decorates my office door and is also the centrepiece of the Research Skills posterboard. Like so many good things, I found it via Twitter – GeoShore created it as a tongue-in-cheek twist on the Keep Calm and Carry On poster that’s everywhere at the moment.

I love it so much that I enthused about it to a student at Freshers’ Fair, who promptly asked me for a copy! Let’s hope she’s put it on her door too …

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  1. Girl in the Moon on

    That brill. Do you have a link to the original?

  2. Suzan on

    Great poster hope geoshore can get it into school libraries

  3. John Kirriemuir on

    Please – everyone – use it wherever and for whatever you like. There’s no need to ask.

    Unless you are anti-library, in which case you can’t.

  4. Girl in the Moon on

    Cool. Thanks :) It’s terribly old-world of me, but I do like to ask first.

  5. John Kirriemuir on

    More details and links to picture in various sizes from:

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