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Are we there yet?

Here’s the abstract for my (as yet unwritten) talk at the ALPSP conference in September, called ‘Are we there yet? Digital discovery routes and e-textbooks’ . All constructive feedback gratefully received!

Unlike the printed book, digital material can effectively reside in many places at once. As Clay Shirky writes, where there is no physical constraint, “there is no shelf … the links alone are enough”. But where should we put the links to maximise the discoverability of e-textbooks by library users? What pathways are our users following, and where do they start?

Recent research on the information needs and behaviour of students and researchers reveals gaps not just between demand and provision, but also between the ways in which libraries present information and the places our users look for it. This talk will look at how libraries are moving to close these gaps and to discover the information routes that our users are taking in the digital age.